Contact List

NCCGR Membership as at July 2016

The NCCGR comprises representatives from Australian jurisdictions and Australian Government Departments with elected Executive positions of Chair, Deputy Chair and Executive Officer.

The Chair is the functional representative of the NCCGR and their role is to utilise the interests as well as the potential energies of all the members to see that the NCCGR develops a common view and works towards its purpose and shared responsibility.

In the event of the Chair’s absence, the Deputy Chair will assume all responsibilities of the Chairperson unless circumstances do not enable that to occur.

The Executive Officer shall provide all secretariat services to the NCCGR.

Below is a current contact list of members and the roles/jurisdiction they represent (as of July 2016).





Chair Vacant  
Deputy Chair Alastair Craw alastair.craw [at]
Executive Officer Vacant  





NSW Government James Corkill james.corkill [at]
Victorian Government Alastair Craw alastair.craw [at]
South Australian Government Peter Marshall peter.marshall2 [at]
Western Australian Government Joseph Patroni norelle.oneill [at]
Northern Territory Government Adrian Skipper adrian.skipper [at]
Queensland Government Phillip Conder

phillip.conder [at]

Tasmanian Government Peter Roberts p.roberts [at]
ACT Government Jim Hewitt jim.hewitt [at]
Australian Government Wendy Kelly wendy.kelly [at]
Law Enforcement & Security Radio Spectrum Committee (LESRSC) Peter Barrie barr1pet [at]
Shane Patton shane.patton [at]
National Security Radio Operations Coordination Group (NSROCG) Vacant  
Australian Federal Police Ken Griffiths ken.griffiths [at]
Department of Defence David Murray david.murray8 [at]
Australian Communications & Media Authority Chris Hose christopher.hose [at]